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Sports Physicals services offered in Cumming, GA

Most kids will need at least one specialized exam during their childhood, and for many in Cumming, Georgia, sports physicals are an annual event. Hiral Lavania MD, FAAP, IBCLC, of One Family Pediatrics, is happy to provide these exams and help your child enjoy all of the benefits of athletic practice and play. Call today to schedule your visit, or book inline in a matter of moments.

Sports Physicals Q & A

What are sports physicals?

A sports physical is a specialized physical exam that focuses on your child’s physical development and strength. These exams are often required by organized sports leagues, schools, and other organizations. 

The purpose of a sports physical is to determine if your child is healthy enough to withstand the challenges of athletic training, practice, and play. They give the requesting entity the peace of mind to know each player has been through a basic health screening. 

Sports physicals can be incorporated into your child’s annual well-child exam at One Family Pediatrics. This helps save you time, money, and the aggravation of booking multiple exams. For families with athletic kids, a sports physical becomes just one more aspect of overall health care. 

What happens during sports physicals?

Many aspects of your sports physical will be similar to what happens during your routine well-child exams. Expect a quick collection of vital signs like heart rate, breathing function, and temperature. 

Height and weight are documented, and a quick eye exam is often part of the process. You’ll also be asked to share the details of your child’s personal and family health history, including any medications they’re taking or medical conditions they are being treated for. 

Your child’s pediatrician will check their joint and reflex function and might also assess flexibility and strength. None of these assessments are difficult or painful, so there is nothing to fear about coming in for your sports physical. 

What if my child fails a sports physical?

If your child “fails” their sports physical, you both might be understandably upset. After all, these physicals are often the last step before you can begin training and practicing. But it’s important to understand that when something of concern arises during a sports physical, the exam has performed its most essential function. 

Sports physicals are designed to determine if your child is healthy enough to participate in the activity of their choice without placing their body under undue strain. If your pediatrician has concerns preventing her from signing off on your child’s paperwork, that is far better than finding out something is wrong on the field or during practice. 

On the rare occasions when a child does not “pass” a sports physical, parents are immediately notified of the reason behind that decision. You’ll receive all of the details needed to take the next step, whether that is a deeper diagnostic work-up or making lifestyle changes that can enhance your child’s health. 

If you need a sports physical, call One Family Pediatrics today to book a visit. Online booking is also an option and is fast and easy. The practice offers sports physicals for no additional cost to what you are already paying for your office visit.