Kids and Social Media Dangers

March 13, 2023

A Forsyth County pediatrician Dr. Hiral Lavania discusses the correlation she's seeing in her office with kids, social media and depression.

Unusually High Cases of Strep

March 10, 2023

North Metro Atlanta is seeing an unusually high number of cases of strep and colds in children. A Cumming pediatrician explained what she is seeing.

High cases of flu seen in children and unvaccinated, CDC says

October 25, 2022

ATLANTA — According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Georgia is no longer the only state in the Southeast with a high number of flu-like cases.

The world’s youngest population has now been approved to receive the COVID-19 vaccine

June 23, 2022

“We just received our shipment today,” said Dr. Hiral Lavania of One Family Pediatrics. “We will have our first clinic on Friday.”

Desperate Atlanta mothers sharing breast milk -- but is it safe?

May 26, 2022 

“I do not recommend it,” says Dr. Hiral Lavania of One Family Pediatrics. “You never know if that milk is safe.”
Health experts say the best way to make sure donated formula is safe is to have it tested for transmittable diseases and pasteurized at a milk bank.

Weathering the Staffing Shortage Storm with Dr. Hiral Lavania

May 2022

Even before the pandemic, the U.S. was in the throes of a healthcare staffing crisis. The events of the last two years have escalated this crisis to a true emergency, especially for independent practitioners.

Dr. Lavania among the first four certified GA AAP Breastfeeding Friendly Pediatricians

March 18, 2022

Congratulations to Dr. Lavania on being part of the first four certified Pediatricians by the Georgia Chapter of the American Association of Pediatrics (GA AAP) and the Georgia Breastfeeding Coalition. Read the full press release below!

Local school districts review mask policies as new CDC guidance is released

February 25, 2022

ATLANTA — New Centers for Disease Control and Prevention guidance on COVID-19 restrictions and masking may change policies for kids in schools. The restrictions vary by district and county.

Pediatric Perspective: Dr. Hiral Lavania of One Family Pediatrics

November 23, 2019

Not only are we encouraging parent interaction with children in a time of excessive screen time usage, but we are helping set children up for future academic achievements.

Chip Hart's "Confessions" podcast

Oct 23, 2020

Chip Hart's "Confessions" podcast offers an insider's view of the challenges facing independent pediatric practices. Featuring interviews with practicing pediatricians and consultants,