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One Family Pediatrics will provide accessible, individualized healthcare to our children and adolescents and empower parents with knowledge about their child’s well-being.
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About One Family Pediatrics

General Pediatrics, A Private Pediatric Practice & Certified Lactation Consultants in Cumming, GA

One Family Pediatrics is a full-service children’s health resource serving the community of Cumming, Georgia. Under the leadership of Hiral Lavania MD, FAAP, IBCLC, the practice provides high-quality and compassionate care, making it a favorite among families. 

Finding the right pediatrician is essential, and it’s not always easy. At One Family Pediatrics, parents find a comprehensive resource for all aspects of pediatric care, including well-child visits, sick visits, mental health support, adolescent care, and much more. Children enjoy the practice’s warm and welcoming environment designed just for them. 

Preventive health is a central focus at One Family Pediatrics. In addition to routine well-child exams, the practice also offers school physicals, sports physicals, and other specialized exams. All vaccines needed for full immunization are available, including COVID-19 vaccines, as approved. 

Parents can rely on One Family Pediatrics for empathetic acute care when something goes wrong. From a bad case of the common cold to more complex medical needs, the practice offers the full scope of pediatric health and wellness services. 

Many families enter the practice for newborn care. As their little one grows, they continue to rely on One Family Pediatrics for well-child care. The practice works with patients through adolescent care until the age of 21. Over those years, children learn how to take an active role in their own health and wellness journey. 

Families who are ready to learn more can book a visit at One Family Pediatrics online or over the phone. Sitting down with Dr. Lavania is a great way to learn more about her practice philosophy and available services. 


Our Mission

One Family Pediatrics will provide accessible, individualized healthcare to our children and adolescents and empower parents with knowledge about their child’s well-being. 

Dr. Lavania is a good doctor that actually cares about my children well-being. She has always taken the time out to talk to us after examining my children. My son was going there from birth to 2.5 years old. The only reason we stopped was because we moved and it was too far to drive. My kids and I love the staff, and we were always seen within reasonable timing. I have been recommending Dr. Lavania

S. G. | Sep 28, 2022

I’ve never use another pediatrician and I don’t plan to. They have great service, if I have an issue I write them on the portal and I get a response in few minutes sometimes immediately. Dr Lavania we love you and thanks for your support, when I need you for Samia you are always there and when we lost Samir you were there. Thank you!

Earth Angel | Sep 16, 2022

Very nice and clean facility, the staffs are all very friendly and professional. My daughter just got her covid vaccine and she was really nervous about it but the nurse helped her ease into it and it was done so fast, she didn't even feel it. No water works, thank you for doing such a great job Mr. SHAWN (sorry if I spell his name incorrectly). We love Dr. LAVANIA and her team.

D' Ari | Sep 14, 2022

We had our first visit with One Family Pediatrics after changing pediatricians due to a few reasons and all 3 of my kids and myself absolutely loved it. The office is very clean and the staff are very welcoming and treat you so kind. I love how the NP Anna sat down with all my children and talked with them about their physical health and well-being. Anna was very attentive to them and their questions and made sure everyone was comfortable. If you are looking for a personal experience this is your place!

Tasha Bragg Curry | Aug 05, 2022

We drive an hour to see Dr. Lavania and Anna and it’s so worth it. We had a lot of issues with our previous pedi who didn’t take our concerns serious because “first time parents” blah blah blah. On our first visit with Dr. L she walked in the room and pin pointed the problem on the spot and we already had answers and tests ordered after weeks of fighting with the old pedi. With an infant who has been on and off sick since she was born plus discovering acid reflux amongst other issues. Dr. L and Anna always make us feel better and answer all questions (even the crazy ones)! We love this team. And we are forever thankful.

Meghan McCallum | Aug 02, 2022

We drive an hour to see Dr. Lavania and Anna! And we will continue to do so. We never leave feeling worried or wondering. We trust them with everything! All questions and concerns are always answered.

Meghan McCallum | Aug 02, 2022

I LOVE our pediatrician! Why? - Dr. Lavania is an IBCLC lactation consultant, so it's one stop shop if you breastfeed. - The dr is GREAT with communication. I send an email or message from the portal and I usually get a message back within a few minutes. Dr. Lavania has called me back after hours, on weekends, and while on vacation when I've had emergencies and non-emergencies. - They have a really comprehensive patient portal that allows me to see all of my children's measurements, vaccine history, and I can book appointments online.

Brooke Danielle Lee | Jul 29, 2022

Love Dr Lavania and the whole team at One Family Pediatrics. They listen and really care for their patients.

Suzanne Marie Smith | May 26, 2022

Very gossipy staff, heard them talking about previous patients child. Not a real pediatric office, they follow a basic playbook for profit. Avoid, you have been warned. Nope, would never give out my real name after my experience. Dealt with you personally and you have a rude, condescending bedside manner. Absolutely horrible and you refused to talk reasonable and rationally at that time, so please do not pretend to be open minded now. The only reason you respond now is because of this review. You know all this to be true, do not treat people badly and you will not have bad reviews. Surprised more people, and patients have not called you out on it. You care more about your office practice than anything else.

Edward Lauren | May 11, 2022

Terrible, avoid to see a real pediatric office. This one is mom and pop micro brew for kids.....wannabe office.

Mike Brunch | May 11, 2022

Fake 5 star reviews. Office not equipped for full pediatric care, clients reviews obviously from other sources read then carefully. This doctor follows a playbook, and cannot even do basic measurements for your child. Staff is gossipy and unprofessional .

Edward Lauren | May 11, 2022

A Dr. that takes the time and actually answers her own office phone and calls you back herself deserves all the patients...we absolutely LOVE Dr. Lavania and her staff

Jessa Holcroft-Parker | Aug 28, 2020

GREAT if you’re a nursing mom AND every other kind of mom lol. Such patient and knowledgeable staff and it’s never a long wait!

Lauren Elizabeth Bryce | Feb 28, 2020

We are thankful for OFP!!

Peyton Maryah McClure | Jul 30, 2019

A form was shoved in my face and I was asked to sign said form, which stated the doctor had explained to me the risks and benefits of vaccines, prior to the doctor even entering the room. I was told by the doctor that there’s more aluminum in my breast milk than there is in the ( vaccines she wanted to inject into my infant. I was told that “everything” is a neurotoxin. I was told there is no fetal dna in vaccines. I was lied to. This is not an informed provider. This is not a “vaccine friendly” office.

Monica Carmody | Apr 18, 2019

I can’t say enough good things about One Family! The truly take their time with each patient and you can tell they truly care about them. They never make you feel rushed and answer all of your questions. We love going here!

Ashli Patricia Williams | Dec 26, 2018

My kids love all the staff. They actually *want* to go to the doctor.

Danielle Downs Spradlin | Dec 14, 2018

A doctor I can trust for my child’s care.

Srinivasan | Nov 06, 2018

Dr. Lavania is the absolute best. She's so supportive of new parents and always available if we need her. Any time I've called (during or after hours), she has personally called back within an hour or two. I've never been to another doctor who does that. Everyone in the office knows and remembers us and really does make us feel like family. Also have to mention Laraleigh, who is incredibly organized and does a great job as office manager!

Laura Smith | Oct 24, 2018

Dr. Lavania is fantastic, we've been with her for 7 years, and drive over an hour to see her. She has wonderful bedside manner, offers alternatives to traditional medicine, certified in breastfeeding, and she takes the time to listen to you. She gives plenty of time to you during your appt and you never feel rushed. She respects my vaccination choices and I've never felt any bias from her or her staff. The nurses are kind and the staff are wonderful. She is a true gem. She'll be our pediatrician for life.

Katie Leatherwood | Jun 01, 2018

Great experience start to finish. Dr. Lavania is great with kids and really takes her time making sure that her patients feel comfortable and cared for.

Anita CD | May 14, 2018

Dr. Lavania is so sweet and caring. We had just had our first baby, we were nervous but she put our minds to ease and even visited us in the hospital! She's pro breastfeeding which I love and was so encouraging to me as a first time mom doing sole breastfeeding which I very much needed. Nurses are awesome and so helpful! Would recommend to anybody!

Alex Dempsey | Jan 26, 2018

Alexandra Lorraine | Nov 08, 2017

Our family just loves Dr Lavania, we have been with her for 9 years. Even after moving for two years, we were so happy when we returned to find her with her own practice! Dr Lavania and her staff are have the best bedside manner and go out of their way to show that they truly care about you and your family. I highly recommend this practice to anyone looking for a pediatrician!

Jackie Hilyer | Oct 20, 2017

Ashley Vasquez Tupin | Aug 06, 2017

Dr Lavania is the best! Actually It is a pleasure to work with everyone in the office. I wish I had switched sooner.

Sylvia Strauss | Jul 14, 2017

Myself (now college-aged) and my siblings have been seeing Doctor Lavania for 3+ years now. Doctor Lavania and her office staff are both amazing. Very responsive, great at addressing concerns and working with you on scheduling, insurance, etc. I especially love their options for communication outside of regular hours over a secure app and a patient portal. Dr. Lavania is kind, comprehensive, and helpful, and has always been so. Cannot recommend enough.

Sydney | Jun 24, 2017

Best pediatrician we've ever been to! Love it & my kids love going here! The front office is fun & they always play the most current movies! Most of the time kids hate going to the doctor but my kids don't ever want to leave! �

Vitelle Webb | Feb 22, 2017

Fantastic practice. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else. Dr. Lavania and the whole staff go out of their way to be helpful.

Jason King | Feb 15, 2017

Brandy Hogan | Feb 15, 2017

Dr. Lavania takes her time to talk to patients and families and educate them, while empowering them to make decisions regarding their health choices. She is kind and cares deeply for her patients. We love her!

Anonymous | Jan 25, 2017

We absolutely love Dr Lavania! She goes the extra mile for my kids. I cannot say enough about how wonderful the whole staff is. My daughter (Penny!) especially loves going here.

Katie Walters | Jan 08, 2017

Dr. Lavania is the best! My daughter has been with her for 7 years and my son 3 they adore their Doc she's caring and takes her time with her patients!!

Victoria Andrea | Dec 23, 2016

Dr.Lavania is good for normal wellness checks and flu kind of issues. But won't recommend beyond that.

doddapaneni | Dec 15, 2016

Dr. Lavania is such a wonderful doctor. She listens and is always so great with the kids. She is very trustworthy in my opinion and not always pushing the newest latest and greatest. She has exceptional knowledge for when to use an antibiotic and when to let it run it's course and even gives recommendations for natural methods for non-threatening common viral colds. She is both of my boys favorites. What kids beg to go to the doctor? Mine! Highly recommended, easy to get a same day appointment!

Lisa | Nov 12, 2016

We Love Dr. Lavania we have been with her since her first location and although her office now is a little distance from us ,we don't mind the distance or great service from a genuine physician.

Tia Richards | Nov 06, 2016

Dr Lavania is the best pediatrician we could ask for. I have never felt rushed out of her office-she takes the time to really get to know the kids, and she goes above and beyond for her patients. We had an unusual medical occurrence a few years ago for which we needed to see a specialist. I called around to every specialist in Metro Atlanta and no one could see us for a month or two. I ran out of options, called Dr Lavania, and she found an appointment for us the next day.

DA | Oct 10, 2016

Great staff, office is very clean, and everyone is extremely knowledgeable and helpful!

Austin Redman | Aug 22, 2016

Monica | Aug 04, 2016

Danielle Portilla | Jun 09, 2016

We have LOVED Dr. Lavania since day one!! She has been our pediatrician for 5 years!! She is such a gift to all of the lives that she touches.

Minnette Glenn Mathieu | May 15, 2016

Christopher D. Williams | Mar 11, 2016